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Medway Towns District Scouts

The Team

Bev Pryke: 

Bev is a Cub Scout Leader in Borstal, is married to Graeme and a mum to 5 children.

Although she works full time as a Nurse and is working on her Masters Degree, she manages to complete her hour of Scouting each week. Bev's children will be continuing through Scouts for the next 14 years and it is important to her that all young people get to have fun whilst learning new skills and making friends.

If she ever approaches you with the words 'I have an idea.... ' run, save yourself! 

Carole Foley: 

Having been persuaded to help out when my son started Cubs, I'm still here and he's now 25! I had previously done a 5 year stint in the District Cub Team and somehow been persuaded to come back with a new higher paid contract, Ha Ha. I work full time as a Mental Health Support Worker. I love skiing, swimming and I am going to be a Grandma soon. 

I'm looking forward to great things from Medway Towns District Cubs.

Daniel Abraham: 

Daniel has been involved with Scouting for five years now, with Scouts and Explorers then as a Cub Leader.

By day he works as a Teaching Assistant. He also volunteers at a theatre with their youth and adult groups. His natural inclination is to want to do new things and make them the best they can be. To create opportunity. In the past, this has led him to take his group to Switzerland, among other adventures. In the future, well...... He is looking forward to seeing what he can do as part of the new District Cub Team.

Carrie Payne:

Hi, I'm Carrie Payne and I'm a Cub Scout Leader with the 30th Strood based in Cuxton. I have been involved in Scouting all my life and have officially been a leader for over 20 years. I'm looking forward to helping and working with the Cub Leaders in the District with the new Cub Team. Can't wait to meet you all!

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