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To the place I belong, West Virginia!

22nd July 2019


To the place I belong, West Virginia! 

We arrived at West Virginia uni in the early morning and most of us didn't fall asleep till about 2 am, after we all showered. We only managed to get about 5 hours sleep but it was enough. We had a hot, cold or anything you want breakfast with lots of other uk units and the contingent team in the uni. Then had about a 2 hour journey to the summit, however we got redirected at every point and ended up having a 3 hour tour of the summit and West Virginia trying to find the correct entrance. Once we arrived at the correct base and sub camp we had to set up our tents, however it was pouring it down and we were rushed to set them up. But luckily we had help from our Norwegian, American and Indian neighbours to help get the job done. Then our American neighbours introduced us to 'ga ga ball' game where you have to hit the ball at peoples feet like elephant football however much more aggressive but our whole unit enjoyed playing it. We also received our wsj neckers, badge and novus wristband (connect with people and earn digital badges). 

Author: Laura Buchan


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