Medway Towns District Scouts


30th July 2019



Today I took a day off from all the adventurous activities and when round world point. I went into the better world tent and completed the earth tribal alliance badge and the scouts go solar badge.  I went to the Canadian NSO tent and looked around there and learnt about Canadian scouts by a leader who happened to be located in the council that we are staying at in Canada. I also went into the Dutch NSO tent and learnt about some Dutch artists and investors and practising my speed skating skills. However the heavens opened and lightning striked so we got locked inside the Canadian tent till it became safer. I then had a burger and a blue raspberry and lemon and lime shaved ice (snow cone in a cup but like a slushy). I then met up with my leader and an IST and went to the living in the 21st century area and went in the build a computer area and the geo game but didn't fully do the activities. We then headed to some other tents and went to the NA1WJ tent. I spoke to two scouts on a camp in Ohio who were both Boy Scouts from America. I spoke to them using an amateur radio system with someone who worked the logistics of the radio systems. It was so much fun and interesting without even having to physically work the radio just speech to people. We then headed to the comms tent and had a tour round a museum in America that had 'the bombe' which was a machine that cracked the enigma code, however this was made by the Americans when enigma began to be made with more rotors. The tour was possible through the use of a robot that a man programmed and directed through a keyboard mouse and had a camera attached to it to allow us to see there. We had a go at deciphering some codes ourselves with a handheld machine like the engine machine with three rotors. 

Author: Laura Buchan


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