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  • Thank you!

    11th August 2019


    Than you!

    The Medway 5 are home from our amazing jamboree experience and there are only a few words we can say other than wow - Thank you! 

    A huge thank you goes to all the IST, CMT, CMST, JPT and unit leaders for making this a fantastic jamboree and amazing life changing experience. However we have to say  a big thank you to everyone who supported us along this journey of fundraising and travel adventures - our families, friends, troops and everyone who donated all deserve a big thank you! 

    Author: Laura Buchan

  • Come fly with me!

    9th August 2019


    Come fly with me! 

    Houston we've landed. We're officially back in the uk after an 8 hour flight. I even got to sit in the cockpit of the aircraft. We drove back to Sutton valence school and our units said our goodbyes and we now look forward for our reunion in October. 

    Author: Laura Buchan

  • Life is a highway!

    8th August 2019


    Life is a highway! 

    Today we woke up at 4 am however my tent woke up at 4:30 to pack the last of our belongings and get ready to go. We collected our breakfast and lunch and boarded the coach with a long journey ahead of us from maple in Ontario to jfk airport in New York. On route we stopped at Niagara Falls and got lots of group pictures etc then continued driving till we arrived at a Walmart for everyone to buy more food to survive the rest of the journey. We're currently at the airport waiting to board our plane with approximately an 8 hour night flight ahead of us and there are lots of tired scouts waiting to get home to there beds to sleep. 

    Author: Laura Buchan

  • One last time!

    7th August 2019



    One last time! 

    We woke up and set up our jamboree tents to dry them. Once they were all up and we had had breakfast we all headed in separate ways. Some went to the shopping outlet and others went to a theme park. I went to the shopping outlet to get a few souvenirs and we spent most the day walking around and looking at weird things. We walked back to our hoho home and put down the tents as they had dried during the day then we packed up most of our belongings for tomorrow when we leave. In the evening our hosts had prepared a barbecue for us and invited a few Canadian scouts to come as well. Then we said our thank yous and gave them some gifts and badges. And a few of us girls decided to do a mini spa and had face and eye masks. Whilst some of the boys tested out their massage skills. 

    Author: Laura Buchan

  • I'm in Toronto and I got this view!

    6th August 2019


    I'm in Toronto and I got this view! 

    We woke up in our tents in our HoHo hosts garden and boarded the coach at 10 and started to make our way into toronto from maple. Once in Toronto we walked to the city hall where the famous Toronto sign sits and had group pictures outside there. While we waited for other scouts, some of us bought some lunch and tried poutine. We then headed over to some shelter where uk and German scout units staying with Canadian hoho hosts gathered for a picture. We then walked up to the new city hall where I was lucky enough to be chosen to raise the world scouting flag with a Canadian scout. Then everyone headed off for lunch and did some shopping and sight seeing. It was also someone's 16th birthday so our hosts bought some ice cream cakes ( ice cream shaped like a birthday cake) which were delicious. 

    Author: Laura Buchan

  • Oh Canada!

    5th August 2019


    Oh Canada! 

    Today we packed up our kit in the university and headed for another uni breakfast. After we waited outside for our coach to arrive. The day then consisted on a 13 hour drive from Maryland to maple in Canada. We successfully made it across the Canadian boarder and headed to our HoHo which we found out was at someone's house. Kindly enough the scout leaders who owned the house had already set up tents for us in the back garden. They made us some subs for dinner then we headed to bed. 

    Author: Laura Buchan

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