District Badge Shop

Medway Towns District Badge

Open again from Monday 3rd September - new location!

The Medway Towns District Badge Shop is open during term time only, Monday evenings between 7.15pm and 8.15pm at the Scout Hut on Beresford Avenue, Rochester ME1 2QX. We may however be available to stay longer or open at different times with prior arrangement. We are able to supply:

  • All challenge and activity badges for each Section.
  • Membership, County/District and leadership stripes
  • Staged activity badges
  • Nights and hikes
  • Joining in awards
  • Patrol emblems
  • Kent only badges Scout Mate and Gold Scout Mate. (Follow link for badge requirements on Kent Scouts website.)
  • Cash name tags cards
  • Investiture certificates / record cards
  • Plastic or leather woggles.
  • Chief Scout Award badges and certificates

We can obtain anything from the official Scout Shop site that has to be ordered by a Badge Secretary. If you’re not sure drop us a line.
We can also order fun badges or other items for you but we would ask for payments in advance, especially if you only want a small amount. We can place these with other orders to reduce postage.

We try to keep the more commonly gained badges in stock so an order is not always needed. So you might be able to pop in and collect. We would however recommend ordering as we can confirm your order is ready for collection before you come down.

If an order is with us by 4pm on a Friday we will try to confirm your order before the following Monday. If you want badges but cannot make Mondays, we can arrange collection from the Chatham area most evenings.

Although we are using the Scout Hut in Beresford Avenue, the 5th Medway aren’t involved with the Badge Shop. Please send all correspondence to us via the Medway Towns District Badge Shop Facebook Page, or using The District Shop option on the contact form. (Direct email available on request.)

We would really appreciate some occasional extra help with running the badge shop. If you are interested or want more information please email or pop in on a Monday evening.